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Why Cabinet Refacing?

Why Choose Cabinet Refacing?

There are many reasons to choose cabinet refacing over replacing your current kitchen cabinets. Cabinet refacing is a suitable solution for homeowners who want to upgrade their current kitchen at a fraction of the cost. We don’t limit you to just refacing your cabinets. Kitchen Magic Refacers can add cabinets, relocate cabinets, add roll-out shelves, replace drawers, or move walls. In addition, we can extend cabinets to ceiling, install recessed lights, and install dishwashers. Our kitchen designers and craftsman can give you the kitchen you have always wanted, inexpensively.
Solid White Kitchens are Here to Stay
A conventional remodel can shut your kitchen down for months leaving you without a way to cook or store your food. That kind of inconvenience can cause an immense amount of stress in your daily life for months. Kitchen Magic Refacers, Inc., on the other hand, can make the changes you want, typically in four days, or less. Plus, refacing creates less mess, less dust and less disturbance in your kitchen – and your life.

Older homes with kitchens build 30-40 years ago actually have better quality cabinets compared to newer homes. The materials and construction methods used are far superior to today’s methods and materials. There really is no need to replace the cabinet boxes when they are already constructed of quality materials and are very sturdy.

What’s more, a Kitchen Magic Refacers makeover costs, on average, one-half to one-third of the $40,000 to $80,000 you could easily spend on a complete kitchen makeover. A high-quality cabinet refacing job can easily give you suitable results at a fraction of the cost.

Refacing also lets you be a good steward of the earth. Why discard cabinets that are in relatively good condition or that can at least be salvaged? By using your existing cabinet box, you keep more materials out of landfills.

You’re not sacrifycing quality or limiting your options either! We only use cabinet doors made up of solid, genuine hardwood. We offer Oak, Cherry, Birch and many other hard woods. We do not use furniture core, particleboard, MDF (medium density fiberboard), industrial grade wood, or Rigid Thermal Foil (RTF).

Custom Kitchen vs. Cabinet Refacing

You May Ask Yourself – Is Cabinet Refacing Worth It? See how cabinet refacing compares to a custom kitchen remodel.

Custom Kitchen Kitchen Magic Refacing
Major work, 4 weeks or more Typically four days or less
All-new design required Works with existing designs
New counter-top required Keep existing counter or replace
Warranties 90 days to 3 years max Lifetime-of-ownership warranty
Multiple subcontractors involved Experienced, in-house craftsmen
65% of contractors fail each year In business since 1984

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Kitchen Magic Refacers, Inc. provides design, consulting and installation services for homeowners who are looking for solid wood materials, guaranteed workmanship, delivered within the promised schedule. It’s easy to get started. Simply call us at 888.900.1957 or Request an Appointment online to schedule your complimentary design consultation. We service the entire Washington D.C. Metro area including Northern Virginia, Columbia, Bethesda and Annapolis.