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What You Need To Know About Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet refacing is a simple, affordable way to transform your kitchen. A conventional kitchen remodels can shut down your kitchen for months. Kitchen Magic Refacers, Inc, on the other hand, can make the changes you want, typically in four days or less.

We offer you a selection of genuine, hardwood cabinet doors in over 30 styles and more than 20 stains and paint colors. Your old cabinet doors and drawers will be removed and hauled away. The existing cabinet boxes are “covered” in a genuine, quarter-inch-thick wood veneer. We can make adjustments to the layout of your kitchen cabinets, convert drawers to cabinets and vice-versa. We can either work with your existing countertop or install new granite, Corian®, Silestone® or laminate countertops.

Does refacing look as good as new?

In fact, your kitchen cabinets will look even better than new. We will replace your cabinets and drawers with new, three-quarter-inch-thick handcrafted solid wood. Have you noticed that the sides of your cabinets are NOT wood and do not match the doors? All exterior woods are finished with the same superior finishes and wood as the door. The doors are solid wood with lasting beauty and durability.

How is it applied?

Kitchen Magic Refacers, permanently secures prefinished hardwoods with hidden nails for problem-free and long lasting beauty. Sadly, most companies simply u201cglueu201d a plastic laminate material to the old surfaces. The glues today, due to ozone and health dangers, are water soluble.

What are cabinet doors made of?

Solid, genuine hardwood. We offer Oak, Cherry, Birch and many other hard woods. We do not use furniture core, particleboard, MDF (medium density fiberboard), industrial grade wood, or Rigid Thermal Foil (RTF). RTF doors are no more than a heat shrink vinyl over particle board. Thousands of families have learned too late that the RTF doors can change color and curl up from heat and moisture.

Can changes be made to my kitchen design?

Absolutely! Kitchen Magic Refacers can add cabinets, relocate cabinets, add roll out shelves, replace drawers, or move walls. In addition, we can extend cabinets to ceiling, install recessed lights, and install dishwashers. Our kitchen designers and craftsman can give you the kitchen you have always wanted, inexpensively u2013 refacing saves thousands over refinishing.

What are the pros and cons of refinishing or painting?

Letu2019s look at the science. You can paint anything, but paint does not adhere to wax, dirt, grease, laminate, or rigid thermo foil (RTF), oil based stains, melamine and a host of other products. Chipping, wash-ability and quality of the finish is the problem plus you are stuck with the same old hinges, door style, and wood. The harsh chemicals use to prepare or clean the doors really cannot get the dirt, stains, or gummy varnish out of the pores of the wood. Getting a superior finish with new wood is difficult in itself. If you inspect the undersides and sides of your cabinets, you will find that these are melamine (vinyl clad chip board). Re-staining these non-wood products is not an option. Are there companies who offer these services? Sure, but what is their warranty and will they be around to honor the warranty? Our 30 years in the business says it is unlikely.

Is refacing less expensive than new cabinets?

Several retailers would like you to believe kitchens only cost $15,000 to $20,000. This is the bait. The fact is that by the time you actually design all the parts needed for your kitchen, add delivery, tax, countertops, carpentry, wall repairs, painting, electrical and plumbing, their average cost will now be $35,000. And that was with builder grade cabinets! Refacing is 1/3 of the cost and looks better than new. The second best reason to reface your kitchen is that it can typically be completed typically in four days or less, not weeks u2013 and without the mess.

Is there a design or estimate fee?

No. Kitchen Magic Refacers designers invest their time and skills to help you meet your own kitchen needs at no charge. We listen to owners to understand each personu2019s needs and wants (amazingly, even uninterested spouses offer excellent input.) Our designers then measure, present samples, and provide a no-obligation estimate. We do require that spouses and all owners attend. Itu2019s easy, informative, and accurate. Plus we show-up on time, install on time, and guarantee your satisfaction!

What you Need to Know About Kitchen Refacing

For more information on cabinet refacing, download our report discussing the factors you need to consider before deciding on a refacing contractor. This report includes topics such as quality of material, installation workmanship, and scheduling accuracy.

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