A conventional remodel can shut your kitchen down for months. Kitchen Magic Refacers, Inc., on the other hand, can make the changes you want, typically in four days, or less. What’s more, a Kitchen Magic Refacers makeover costs, on average, one-half to one-third of the $40,000 to $80,000 you could easily drop on a kitchen overhaul. Refacing also lets you be a good steward of the earth. By using your existing cabinet box, you keep more materials out of landfills. Plus, refacing creates less mess, less dust and less disturbance in your kitchen – and your life.

Custom Kitchen vs. Cabinet Refacing

You May Ask Yourself – Is Cabinet Refacing Worth It? See how cabinet refacing compares to a custom kitchen remodel.

Custom Kitchen Kitchen Magic Refacing
Major work, 4 weeks or more Typically four days or less
All-new design required Works with existing designs
New counter-top required Keep existing counter or replace
Warranties 90 days to 3 years max Lifetime-of-ownership warranty
Multiple subcontractors involved Experienced, in-house craftsmen
65% of contractors fail each year In business since 1984