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Refacing vs. Replacing

We recently read an article by a local kitchen company trying to vainly say a new kitchen costs the same, takes the same amount of time, and gives you options to layout changes. Finally the refaced cabinets could fall off the wall!

Ridiculous at every level!

Here are the facts from a company that has been doing refacing for over 30 years: Kitchen Magic Refacers, Inc.

Fact#1 – There are low quality, poorly finished, foreign-made cabinets cheaper than our doors with Pennsylvania craftsmanship and superior finishes. Those foreign cabinets are severely limited in color and door styles. Kitchen Magic Refacers has over 66 door styles for the truly custom look to select from, various woods, and any stain or customer paint.

Fact#2 – Locked into old kitchen layout? Hardly! Kitchen Magic Refacers, Inc. can remove old closets, walls, pass thrus, take out soffit and can extend your cabinets to the ceiling. We also are cabinet makers. Need an odd size cabinet? No problem! We do it all the time for over 30 years.

Fact#3 – Could fall off the wall? Ridiculous! However those foreign-made cabinets that bait and switch companies offer may. You get what you pay for.

By the way Kitchen Magic Refacers, Inc. gives a lifetime warranty not a 2 year prorated warranty.

Fact#4 – A new kitchen only takes 4-6 days. Refacing requires sanding, sawdust, and fumes! Really?

How about 4 days or less for refacing. There is no sanding, fumes and doesn’t turn your kitchen into a construction site for 8-12 weeks. What kitchen company doesn’t tell you is your countertop, floor, drywall repairs, painting, electrical and plumbing takes weeks even months. Keep your countertop, floor, forget a house full of sub-contractors that never show up on time.

At Kitchen Magic most kitchens take 4 days or less including new countertops, under cabinet lighting, all the plumbing and electrical. There are exceptions, but you should see some of the whooping mega kitchens we do: in Onley, Potomac, Great Falls, and Sterling! All of our installers are in-house. Their secret that they didn’t spend less than 1/3 of that is safe with us. Our customers would like you to believe they spent $40,000 to $120,000 on their kitchen. Kitchen Magic Refacers, Inc. is the only Refacing that provides a full spectrum of service.

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