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The Best Time For A Kitchen or Bath Upgrade

Summer is quickly approaching and many of us are making plans for a fun filled season!  For some, those plans may include a long overdue kitchen or bathroom remodel.  At Kitchen Magic Refacers we are often asked when is a good time to schedule a remodel.  Anytime is a good time at Kitchen Magic but we have found that many of our clients prefer summertime to embark on a home improvement project.  Here we offer a few advantages you may want you to consider…

  • Summer Break: School’s out and so is the need for keeping to a stringent schedule!  Families typically have constraints on their schedule due to school, sports and other activities in the fall, winter and spring.
  • Grilling Season: Take your meals outside and enjoy the scenery!  Fire up the grill or plan a family picnic instead of ordering out.
  • Weather:  There’s nothing like the threat of a Maryland blizzard to bring your job to a screeching halt!  Plus you can go outside, relax, and enjoy the yard while your kitchen or bath is being beautified.

We at Kitchen Magic Refacers know that no time is a good time to be inconvenienced with an out of order kitchen.  That’s why we work to give our clients a new kitchen upgrade in four days or less!  Like any home improvement project, some planning will need to be underway before your summer job is booked.

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