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Why Hassle With A Remodel When You Can Reface?

Kitchen Magic Refacers of Maryland, Virginia, & DC has been refacing cabinets and transforming kitchens for over 40 years.  They offer exceptional quality and dedicated designers, cabinet makers, and installers who work together to create new, updated kitchens without the hassle of conventional remodels.

Why Hassle With A Remodel When You Can Reface?
When Kitchen Magic refaces cabinets your existing cabinet door is not thrown out. The door is taken off and replaced with a new one, as well as drawer fronts. The cabinet boxes are then covered with hardwood veneer, and a three-quarter inch piece of quality genuine hardwood becomes your new door and drawer front in woods such as Cherry, Oak, or Birch.

Advantages of Refacing

  • Saves Time: Refacing with Kitchen Magic typically takes 4 days or less!  Traditional kitchen renovations can last for months leaving you without a kitchen for the duration of the project.
  • Saves Money: Cabinet refacing costs one third to one-half less than a conventional kitchen remodel.
  • Quality Workmanship:Kitchen Magic staffs an in-house team of experienced designers, cabinet makers and installers– no need for the inconvenience of hiring contractors and subcontractors.
  • Options: Kitchen Magic has over 20 different options when you choose to reface your cabinet doors. No matter what look you want in your kitchen, you can have confidence that you can find something you like when choosing cabinet refacing.

In addition to refacing kitchen and bathroom cabinets, we replace countertops and offer a selection of granite, Silestone®, Corian® or laminates to choose from to complete your kitchen update.  We also work with homeowners who want to move existing cabinets and drawers, or even update lighting.  Our in-house staff can seamlessly give your the updates that you envision.

For more information about the benefits of cabinet refacing and to get a free quote, contact Kitchen Magic, today.