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Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet refacing is one of the easiest ways to boost the look of your kitchen without needing a whole lot of work done. Cabinet refacing is the process of removing the doors and fronts of drawers from cabinets and replacing them with new hardware and wood. Cabinet refacing is a great way to dramatically change your kitchen’s look without investing too much money.

Cabinet refacing is quite popular due to how effective it is at revitalizing kitchens. Cabinet refacing is often used as a remodeling option in place of complete cabinet replacement because it’s affordable and it easily gives your kitchen that “like new” feeling.

Using cherry, oak, birch, and other assorted hardwoods, Kitchen Magic Refacers modify cabinets to create timeless appearances that will hold up through wear, tear, and cleaning solutions. Instead of merely attaching the new cabinet facing by applying glue (a terrible adhesive for wood material), nails are used to ensure long-lasting quality.

How Does Refacing Compare to a Total Remodel?

When homeowners decide to remodel their kitchens, they are often left with trying to choose between simple cabinet refacing or installing completely new cabinets. Many people are under the impression that it makes more financial sense to simply replace rather than build upon what they already have. However, this is not true in the slightest.

Once everything from a complete kitchen remodel is calculated, you will find that the electrical components, plumbing, carpentry, installation of counter tops, modifications to the walls, and labor will be pushing $40,000. However, a simple cabinet refacing job that can be completed in an incredibly short time frame will only cost you a third of what a complete remodel would.

How to Get an Estimate

Kitchen Magic Refacers in Virginia take pride in not charging consumers to simply inform themselves on what it would cost for their kitchens to undergo cabinet refacing. Instead, consumers can enjoy no obligation to samples, measurements, and estimates. Get a realistic idea of what can happen in your kitchen by consulting with Kitchen Magic Refacers.