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Need a Bathroom Upgrade?

If you want to upgrade your bathroom, but you’re not sure how to get started, Kitchen Magic Refacers can complete the project usually within five days. What seems to be a daunting project can become easy when you let these design consultants create a renovation plan that you’ll enjoy for many years. The craftsmen at Kitchen Magic Refacers understand the complexity of the bathroom remodeling process and that’s why you can rely on them to complete your project in a satisfactory manner.

Why Upgrade Your Bathroom?

Over the years, mold and mildew will manifest as a result of hard and polluted water. The sight of the residue despite vigorous cleaning can be seen through the cracks in your bathroom walls and tiles, leaving your bathroom to look worn and outdated. When you decide to contact Kitchen Magic, you’ll have a wide range of bathroom renovation product options to choose from such as:

Delta and Kohler Faucet and Shower Fixtures
Corian, TereStone, and Silestone Vanity Tops
Kohler Toilets

All of these products are available with a lifetime warranty.  Additionally, if you’re wondering how can Kitchen Magic Refaces finish a bathroom project so quickly, the answer is easy. Once you’ve decided on the type of tub, tile, vanity top, toilet, and fixtures you want, the craftsmen go to work quickly designing your remodeling requests with precision and thoroughness.

Why Choose Magic Kitchen Refacers, Inc.?

For more than 30 years, residents located throughout Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia have contacted Magic Kitchen Refacers, Inc. because of the expertise they have given and the quality work they have performed. This company’s positive work track record has also created a long list of satisfied customer testimonials. So if you want to hire a team of professionals that stand by that service claim, Magic Kitchen Refacers, Inc. is the company to contact.