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What You Need to Know About Cabinet Resurfacing

Are you tired of looking at old, outdated cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom space? If so, then you might have been considering the option of having brand new cabinets installed. However, once you saw the pricing for new cabinet installation, you may have found yourself in a state of sticker shock.

These days, full cabinet replacement can be quite expensive–especially in larger spaces with many cabinets. Fortunately, you don’t necessarily need to replace your cabinets entirely to enjoy a more modern look and feel. Instead, you may want to consider having your existing cabinets resurfaced.

What’s Cabinet Resurfacing?

Cabinet resurfacing is a budget-friendly and environmentally friendly means of transforming the look and feel of your old cabinets without replacing them. Specifically, resurfacing may involve stripping your old wooden cabinets of any paint or stain, sanding them down, and refinishing them with a fresh coat of stain or paint. Furthermore, new cabinet hardware may be added to finish the look off.

The best thing about cabinet resurfacing, especially for homeowners looking to remodel on a budget, is that it typically costs just a fraction of what it would cost to completely replace the cabinets. Plus, since nothing needs to be torn out of the walls, homeowners can enjoy faster results and less of a mess.

Cabinet Resurfacing from Kitchen Magic

If you’re a homeowner looking to transform the look of your old cabinets in the Washington DC area, then look no further than Kitchen Magic. This company specializes in cabinet resurfacing and refacing. Specifically, they have years of experience in making old cabinets look even better than they did when they were first installed.

Homeowners in the Virginia and Maryland areas are encouraged to contact Kitchen Magic to obtain a resurfacing quote or find out more about their services.