When a major remodel is more than you need, you should consider the art of refacing. Perhaps your kitchen cabinetry is structurally sound but you feel that a little facelift is in order. You could go to the expense and trouble of hiring a contractor who will hire any number of subcontractors who will then tear out cabinets, countertops, and drawers. With a job that big, your kitchen could be unusable for several weeks or months. In today’s hectic lifestyles, we need our homes to be ready to face the day and to keep up with our busy families. It could be that the only problem in your kitchen is the dull and dreary drabness of aged, stressed wood. If that is the case, refacing your cabinets and drawers may be the very thing to brighten your world.

Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C. homeowners are just a phone call away from a free estimate from Kitchen Magic Refacers, Inc. at 888-900-1957. Serving the area since 1984, these cabinet design experts can save you time and money on your home improvement project. They can remove the faded, worn-out drawer fronts and cabinet doors and replace them with lovely new ones typically in four days or less. Kitchen Magic features handcrafted hardwoods like oak or cherry and offers a lifetime-of-ownership warranty. Refacing can cost only half as much as a full remodeling project, and it creates significantly less dust and landfill waste because the existing cabinet shelves and walls remain intact.