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Reasons to Choose Cabinet Refacing For Your Kitchen

Cabinets and drawers are parts of a kitchen that are touched and used every day. This causes them to start to wear down and look unattractive over time. Replacing the cabinets is not practical or convenient for many homeowners. Another option is cabinet refacing by an experienced company like Kitchen Magic. Cabinet refacing is a good choice for several reasons.

Change the Decor of a Whole Kitchen

Cabinet refacing can change the decor of an entire kitchen without having to demolish the room. Refacing involves applying a real hardwood veneer to existing cabinet doors and drawers. This veneer can be in any number of colors and styles. This is a very effective way to revitalize or change a kitchen since the cabinets and drawer fronts are some of the most visible elements in the space.

Fast and Professional Installation

Companies like Kitchen Magic that serve Maryland homes can provide fast and professional installation. The entire refacing process takes less time than tearing down old units and replacing them completely. Most jobs can be done in anywhere from two to four days. Homeowners can be confident that the professional installation and attention to detail by designers will result in durable cabinets and drawers that will last for a long time.

Environmentally Friendly

Cabinet refacing is an environmentally friendly way to renovate or restore an aging or unattractive kitchen. Kitchen Magic can make certain that Washington DC cabinets are refaced using materials that will not harm the environment. Additionally, saving the existing cabinet boxes helps to reduce waste that might have ended up in a landfill.

Cost Effective

Homeowners in Virginia will find that the refacing services offered by Kitchen Magic are far less costly than replacing everything. The cost of refacing can actually be as low as one-third the cost of replacing the cabinets. The cost-effective nature of refacing leaves more money available for other renovations like replacing kitchen countertops.