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Reasons to Choose Bathroom Cabinet Refacing vs. Replacement

Every homeowner wants an attractive bathroom. There are times when the bathroom cabinets can start to wear down and look unattractive. They could even look dated. Homeowners can choose to renovate and replace all the bathroom cabinets. A better option is to call a company like Kitchen Magic to reface the cabinets. Bathroom cabinet refacing has several advantages.

Choose From Many Different Styles

One reason to choose bathroom cabinet refacing is that many different styles are available. Kitchen Magic Refacers has over 30 different styles of cabinet doors available for homeowners in Maryland and Virginia. Each of those options can also be found in over 20 different stains and painted colors. Kitchen Magic will even send out designers to help families choose the best and most attractive bathroom refacing options.

Preserve Other Parts of the Bathroom

One of the problems with completely replacing cabinets is that it is often necessary to tear apart the bathroom. This can damage walls, countertops and fixtures. The older parts of the bathroom that a homeowner wants to keep might not be compatible with the new cabinetry. Refacing allows everything in the bathroom to remain exactly the same except for the doors on cabinets and drawers. This is especially helpful in homes that have custom or irreplaceable fixtures in the bathroom.

Professionals Will Get the Job Done Fast

Bathroom cabinet refacing takes a fraction of the time of remodeling the whole room. The experienced craftsmen at Kitchen Magic Refacers can get the job done fast in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC homes. The new cabinet doors can often be fully installed in less than four days. This removes the need to seal off a bathroom for weeks or months while every fixture and pipe is pulled out and replaced. The fast installation time also helps homeowners to save money without sacrificing quality or results.