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7 Things You Need To Know About Kitchen Refacing

Kitchen Magic Refacers, Inc provides design, consulting and installation services for homeowners who are looking for solid wood materials, guaranteed workmanship, delivered within the promised schedule. Kitchen cabinet refacing adds value to your home and comfort to your life. You get your dream kitchen in days, not weeks, and cabinet refacing costs thousands less than conventional kitchen remodeling.

What You Need To Know About Cabinet Refacing

1. Quality and Type of Materials

What materials are used for doors, drawer fronts and cabinet coverings?
More than 93% of kitchen refacing contractors use Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) doors and drawer fronts wrapped in Rigid Thermal Foil (RTF). The remaining 7% use all solid wood materials. MDF, also known as wood core, furniture core, sawdust and glue, industrial grade wood or particle board, is essentially wood dust held together with formaldehyde resins. MDF materials are not only hazardous for your health, they are covered with inferior RTF materials, which can shrink, peel, curl, chip and discolor. In addition, most contractors coat the cabinet exteriors with 1/8 inch or thinner laminate veneer that is simply glued to the existing cabinet boxes.

Kitchen Magic Refacers, Inc uses only solid hardwood cabinet doors and drawer fronts and covers your cabinet exteriors with genuine hardwood veneer up to one-quarter-inch-thick. The wood veneer is secured by carpenter brads and panel adhesive. Kitchen Magic Refacers does not use plastic or inferior composite materials. This means you have a high quality product with no health hazards.

2. Design and Installation Workmanship

What are the qualifications of the designers and installers?
A 2004 industry survey showed that 88% of kitchen refacing contractors use salespeople with less than one year of kitchen design experience. When it comes to installers, over 90% of them are subcontractors who do not specialize in kitchens, have little or no cabinetmaking experience and limited capabilities. Redesigning your kitchen is a decision you have to live with every day, so make absolutely certain that you are getting the “kitchen of your dreams” from skilled and qualified designers and craftsmen.

Kitchen Magic Refacers, Inc employs creative, certified, award-winning kitchen designers who will work with you to make the kitchen of your dreams a reality. Our experts can redesign, add, move and/or remove cabinets. Highly skilled, licensed and insured cabinetmakers deliver and install your kitchen to create a beautiful new look. Our expert installers have an average of 15 years experience and work exclusively for Kitchen Magic Refacers, Inc, specializing in kitchens with the skills needed to handle most electrical, plumbing, appliance and countertop work necessary.

3. Satisfaction Guarantee

How long should the materials and workmanship last and is it guaranteed?
The biggest fear homeowners have of kitchen refacing is that the final product will not last due to inferior materials and workmanship. Many contractors will offer guarantees that are “prorated” on materials or only cover labor from 90 days up to one year. Some may offer a “10 year warranty on hardware”, but this extends only to the knobs and hinges. Read your warranty carefully, salespeople are required by law to have a copy available for you to read.

Kitchen Magic Refacers, Inc. uses all solid hardwood materials, unique installation processes, expert kitchen designers and installation teams to assure that your new kitchen will last and retain the look of quality for as long as you own your home. Our guarantee is a lifetime warranty, meaning that everything we do is under warranty. See the warranty for details.

4. Scheduling and Installation Accuracy and Punctuality

How can I be sure the job will start and end on time?
More than 1,600 complaints were filed against Maryland home improvement contractors in 2003. The biggest complaints relate to the continuous delays on promised start and end dates of a project and that salespeople arrive late or don’t show up at all.

Kitchen Magic Refacers, Inc. values and respects people’s time. We begin our relationship by arriving on time – every time – for appointments and consultations. Our expert designers and installers, specialized systems and processes, and unique supplier and industry relationships allow us to coordinate all aspects of a project, ensuring seamless installation with no delays. Our pledge is to remain in constant contact regarding your desires and expectations. Finally, we tell you the specific day and time the project will start and end. We have a more than 96% record of accuracy and delivering on time.

5. Customer Service & Work History of Contractors

What is the company’s responsiveness, reliability and work history?
The third biggest complaint in the kitchen refacing industry relates to poor customer service – not getting a response when calling, refusals of follow up service to correct any problems, even being promised that someone will return but no one shows up.

Kitchen Magic Refacers, Inc. is a longtime member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the Maryland Home Improvement Commission (MHIC). Random surveys of Kitchen Magic Refacers’ past customers reveal 92% expressed strong sentiments that the final work and experience exceeded their expectations. Our goal is to raise the percentage of exceeded expectations even higher.

6. Choices, Options & Selection

What choices and types of materials are available and what additional services can be performed without extending the timer period for the job?
Most contractors have very limited selection of materials and more than 86% do not even offer solid wood products at all. They are also unable or unwilling to deal with different types of countertops or work with electrical, plumbing and appliances. If you need these services, you are forced to become a general contractor and coordinate services yourself.

Kitchen Magic Refacers, Inc. offers the largest selection of solid wood cabinets in a variety of styles, colors, shades and stains. We are also experts in all countertops including granite, Corian®, Silestone®. We can also handle most electrical, plumbing and appliance issues. Our cabinetmakers can add roll-out shelves, install under-cabinet lighting, add islands and modify cabinets to accommodate a microwave oven or hood range and install glass doors.

7. Satisfied Customers

What are customers saying
Kitchen Magic Refacers, Inc. doesn’t ask you to take our word for it. Here are a few testimonials from our thousands of customers:

“I am just crazy about my kitchen and anybody who walks in is just thrilled and awed…it really is a very, very special part of the house and you can make it more special by this process.”

“Wow, you did it! Thank you so much for my wonderful kitchen. It’s everything I wanted and more – truly Kitchen Magic Refacers. Your contractors were professional, arrived promptly and cleaned up each afternoon. Beautiful workmanship! I definitely recommend your company. P.S. Amazing, it only took four days as you said it would!”

“We went to at least three places and I chose [Kitchen Magic Refacers] more for their ideas. I felt like I was dealing with somebody who understands kitchens and wants things that work for you.”